Parsulfit chemical company produces various kinds of sodium cosilicates that parts of them are used as builder in detergent formulation. Sodium cosilicate (detergent powder type) is a progressive kind of these builders that are used to make new generation of washing detergent powders.

This product is powder,white colour,solvency,which can be presented in different densities and providing high quality,they are accepted by customer well.

Considering that in new washing methods,temperature,volume of used water and number of washing cycles have been reduced,therefore there is a need for perfectly solvable particles in water for washing powders.

Sodium c silicate has a very suitable solving ability that preparing a suspension of it in any viscosity in water at less than one minute is possible.

In addition of this ability,it has some more important advantages that are:

– By controlling amount of calcium and magnesium (CBC–MgBC),it reduces the hardness of washing water and makes it softer.( zeolite performs scavenger of calcium hardesses actively but,scavenger magnesium hardnsses are done with low efficiency. Using this material as a suitable trapper for magnesium hardnesses a side zeolite as calsium hardness scavenger agent,altogether it bring as scavenger washing water hardness and in result the optimum operation for washing powders).

– It has buffer effect and preserves alcalic pH for washing suspension during cleaning process.

– It prevents the textile from sediments of dirt particles again.

– It increases effectiveness and efficiency of surfactants operation with reduction of surface gravity. 

-Exciting of this product in detergent powders causes reduction of using phosphate builders. This matter helps to prevent ecologic systems from phosphates substances damages that helps to keep the environment greatly.

-It causes prevention or corrosion in washing machines.                                      

-It makes whitening substances stable in the powders.